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Staff Applications
Started by Vex

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01-30-2018, 11:36 PM
Hello Overwatchforumers,

We are currently hosting moderator applications for a chance to become a member of the Overwatchforums staff team. 

This is a position where you will assist other members around the website and moderate the posts made each day to ensure that they are following the posting guidelines listed on the rules page. Moderators are also in charge of keeping the discord chat clean and safe. Being apart of the Overwatchforums staff team is a serious yet enjoyable experience depending on how you decide to portray yourself to the community. Remember, as a moderator, you are the face of our community and it is important that you act accordingly.

- We are only looking for mature individuals who are able to assess each situation in a professional matter and use the proper tools and grammar to solve each issue.
- You must be an active member in the community
- You must also be an avid Overwatch player.
- A minimum of 100 HIGH QUALITY posts is required, however, you may have up to 10 "low quality" posts.
- Each applicant must also have a discord account for communication purposes.

If you meet the following criteria above, feel free to post your application in the corresponding section for review.

Each application must also follow this format, or else you will be denied:

Discord username:
Above the age of 16?:
2 reasons why you want to be apart of the staff team of 
Why we should accept your application:
Fun fact about yourself:

Applicants are also only given 2 opportunities to apply for this position. If you do not follow these rules, your application will be instantly denied and you must wait 1 week before applying again. If your application was denied for any other reason, you will be contacted by our administration team as to why and details about the next time you may apply.

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